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KAnoZA literally has two different meanings.
The realm of the Confectionary God
The realm of the Fire God

Izumo is a sacred place in Japan where all Shinto gods are believed to return to every year. Since ancient times, fire was one of the spiritual elements. Cultural arts were started using fire, such as sword making and pottery.

Today, KAnoZA has inherited the spiritual element of fire to craft delectable flavors of western style confectionary.

A place for match making

Izumo Taisha is one of the most well known shrines in Japan, remaining as the oldest and largest of its kind. The shrine is often included in Shinto folklore, where it is believed to be the place where Shinto gods congregate and like Cupid, bless the prospects of men and women finding true love. Based on the old lunar calendar, this takes place in October, when various other festivals are also held.

The legends of Izumo were written in Japan's oldest spiritual scriptures in the book called, "Kojiki". The ancient stories were based on the god named "Amaterasu Ohmikami", the creator of Japan. It was written that the gods created humans, oceans, rivers, mountains, and all living creatures. Two other gods called "Izanagi" and "Izanami" gave birth to the country and 35 other gods including the gods of mountains, fire, earth, water and food. Thereafter their offspring created more gods of different elements, amounting to a group of 8 million gods, called "Yaorozu no kami" of Shinto. It is believed that these 8 million gods all return and congregate at Izumo Shrine every year, to ensure that life goes on for all time.

Izumo Taisha

Home of the heart

Home of the heart

Water is a highly respected element in Japanese culture. People regard it as the source of life and also see it as a looking glass that transcends time, beauty and art. The beautiful sunset colors in the water at Lake Shinji for example are believed to be a reflection of the heavens.


"Natural-Slow" is a new and sustainable concept of that gourmet food grower experts in Izumo created, to specialize in the premium quality of natural and time nurtured ingredients used in order to make a high-end confectionary product.
All the components such as milk, eggs and spring water included are carefully selected in the process to bring out the most organic and time-nurtured flavors. We aim to build this trust and relationship with the suppliers and continue to pass down the same level of craftsmanship to future generations.

premium quality

KAnoZA Online Shopping

Some of our most notable and recommended KAnoZA products are:
"Matcha Fondu" - made from high quality Matsue green tea powder and organic eggs from Tabe Farm;
"Confiture" a ginger jam made from locally grown ginger, apples and honey;
"Unta", a log cake designed to replicate the giant pillar at Izumo Taisha.


Matcha Fondu

My mission

To communicate with our customers and appreciate once in a life time opportunities with each guest.

Our Mission

"To always to put our customers first, by establishing an open, friendly and attentive attitude to deliver above and beyond expectations."

Our "Matcha Fondu" product has received the Monde Selection Golden Award, for the last three consecutive years!

We take pride in these achievements, and hope that our quality products can continue to be appreciated throughout the world.

"Matcha Fondu" is made from bittersweet green tea flavored custard and has two layers of premium cream fillings. This product has won the Monde Selection Golden Award, an achievement as highly regarded in the food industry as the Nobel Prize is to the rest of the world.
As well as commendations on taste and presentation, "Matcha Fondu" rated very high in other categories, particularly on its attentive selection of ingredients and methodical production.

This delicate tarty pastry with two exquisite cream fillings is designed to represent Matsue, a traditional city of green tea ceremonies.

We aimed to design a new confectionary to represent the beauty of Matsue. The green tea cream is made of Mascarpone cheese, fresh cream and selected green tea powder, creating a deep and robust flavor. Below the green tea cream sits the rich custard filling, made of fresh eggs from our local Tabe Farm. Finally, the pastry brings all the elements together in a crispy texture, creating our most popular work of art.


Shussai Ginger Custard Pudding

A thick and creamy custard, topped with ginger jam. This dessert is indeed a harmony of sweet and spicy flavors.

Taki Fig Custard Pudding

Made from locally pasteurized milk, this creamy custard is topped with the finest Taki fig jam. Its fruity flavor brings out a beautiful natural sweetness.

Confiture, Unta
Shussai Ginger Confiture

A rare breed of ginger from the Shussai region in Hikawa is made into a gourmet jam with apples and honey. This delicious jam is highly recommended.

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