Privacy Policy

Kotobuki Seika Company ensures handling privacy information with strict management for our customers.

  1. 1. The purposes of using privacy information and its release
    We use our customers’ privacy information only for the following purposes.
    • When processing orders and enquiries though emails, phone calls, and faxes.
    • When sending emails to customers to notify shipping details.
    • When sending automated emails to customers upon receiving orders, registration of our online memberships and altering the membership details.
    • When sending emails for promotions and surveys.
    • When mailing customers for promotions.
    • When phoning or faxing customers to deliver promotional information.
    • For statistic purposes to maintain high levels of customer service and to develop new products.
      1. Releasing privacy information to third parties

        We never release privacy information to third parties without customers’ consent, except in the following cases.

        • When we have an agreement with a customer.
        • When proceeding shipping with courier services.
        • When requested to provide information by law.

      2. Releasing privacy information to the customer himself/herself

        We only release privacy information to the person himself/herself, with their ID details. The reason to retain the information should be for changing or deleting the details. Please contact us for further enquiries. If you are registered on our website, you may login and do it online.

  2. Managing and securing privacy information

    We guarantee to protect customers’ privacy information from leaking to third parties, except in cases written above.

  3. Using SSL, Cookie and JavaScript

    We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect privacy information. SSL is a program to send information with special codes. We also use Cookie and JavaScript to identify customers on our website. Please ensure your browser is capable to use those programs.

  4. 4. Customers’ agreement

    Only when given that our customers agree with our privacy policy written above, we provide our services. Please note that terms and conditions could change without specific notices.